How Experience Affects Leadership at NFM Lending

NFM Lending President, Jan Ozga visits NFM TV and discusses how his background affects his leadership style, the culture he is building at NFM and his vision for the future of the company.

For more from Jan Ozga, please watch his interview with NFM TV where he discusses technology in the mortgage industry and how he foresees it affecting the future of the loan originator. He also discusses how NFM plans to implement technology in it's future plans. Man Versus Machine – The Infiltration of Technology in the Mortgage Industry

Is The Loan Officer Going Away Forever?

NFM Lending Chief Information Officer, Christos Bettios, fresh from the 2017 Mortgage Bankers Association conference, discusses the future of the loan originator. Will the loan originator be completely removed from the mortgage process, replaced by technology? Bettios gives his insight from the conference as well as his insights on security and technology in the loan origination process.

Do’s and Don’ts for Borrowers in the Mortgage Process

Cathy Purdham, Underwriting Manager of NFM Lending discusses the do's and don'ts for borrowers looking to make their first home purchase or refinance. What is debt-to-income ratio (DTI)? Why should you avoid large purchases? How important is your credit report and score?

What is payment shock? Residual income? Non-sufficient funds? And how do they factor in getting approved for a home loan?

If you are a first time homebuyer, looking to move up, or refinance, Cathy offers some great tips for making sure the transaction goes smoothly.

Biggest Underwriting Pitfalls for Loan Originators

Underwriting may be one of the most mysterious parts of the loan process for consumers, but it can be the same way for loan originators as well.

What should a loan originator look for when evaluating the 1003 mortgage application in order to advise their clients on potential hurdles they can face?

From work history to bank statements to incomplete 1003s, NFM Lending Underwriting Manager, Cathy Purdham discusses what to look for and how to communicate with your underwriter should issues arise. She also talks about the systems NFM Lending has in place to streamline the underwriting process and make it more transparent, an approach that has helped dramatically reduce time loans spend in underwriting and problems with the 1003.

Man Versus Machine – The Infiltration of Technology in the Mortgage Industry

More and more of the loan process is happening for the consumer via the Internet. Mortgage applications, document uploading such as W2s and appraisals, document signing, communication and approvals are all happening more often on mobile platforms. There is no doubt that technology is infiltrating the mortgage industry.

But there is still something to be said for the human touch, that personal interaction where the loan originator gets to know the borrower and understand their needs better.

No doubt, in today's world, where people may prefer to do everything online, there needs to be a balance. But what is the right balance?

NFM Lending President, Jan Ozga, shares his take on what the right approach should be on man versus machine in the mortgage industry.

For more from Jan Ozga, please watch his interview with NFM TV regarding leadership and company culture. How Experience Affects Leadership at NFM Lending

Which Home Improvements Give You The Best Bang For Your Buck?

Ever wonder which home improvements bring the greatest return on your investment? NFM Lending's Chief Appraiser, John Liberatore discusses remodeling and contributory value with NFM Chief Business Development Officer, Greg Sher.

Where Are Interest Rates Headed? An interview with Tom Sealock

Where are interest rates headed and how will it affect the housing market and home affordability? What are some metrics that the average person can use to help monitor where interest rates are going? NFM Lending's Director of Secondary, Tom Sealock, discusses the external factors currently putting pressure on the markets such as the recent natural disasters and North Korea. Sealock gives his prediction for rates for the rest of 2017 and what the Federal Reserve will do in Q3 and Q4.

NFM Lending Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

NFM Lending's Chief Business Development Officer, Greg Sher, leads NFM's efforts to raise donations for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

August 30 through September 8th, NFM Lending is encouraging its employees and interested referral partners to bring items to one of our 41 locations across the county so that we can schedule a pickup with the Red Cross to help relief efforts in Houston, Texas and Louisiana for residents affected by Hurricane Harvey. For information on branch locations, please visit

For more information and updates on the effort visit

You can also follow the hashtag #nfmheavyhearts on social media

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