About Us

NFM Media and it's subsidiary, NFM TV, are a division of NFM Lending, an award-winning, multi-state residential mortgage lender currently licensed in 29 states.

The mission of NFM Media is to provide mortgage industry-related insight and analysis through the use of audio and video production by interviewing some of the top thought leaders in home lending.

NFM Now is NFM's podcast featuring some of the top branch managers, loan originators, real estates agents, and others in the mortgage industry examining the latest trends and giving helpful tips.

NFM TV is a video production company utilizing both field and studio productions to bring the same types on in-depth interviews that NFM Now provides in video format. Interviews with top mortgage executives and people in-the-know highlights the work of NFM TV. Also, look for spotlights on mortgage branches, loan officers, and other service loan providers (SLPs).

If you're in the mortgage or related industry, this is the place to come to learn in a fun and engaging way how to grow your business to drive revenue.

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