Month: December 2017

How Experience Affects Leadership at NFM Lending

NFM Lending President, Jan Ozga visits NFM TV and discusses how his background affects his leadership style, the culture he is building at NFM and his vision for the future of the company.

For more from Jan Ozga, please watch his interview with NFM TV where he discusses technology in the mortgage industry and how he foresees it affecting the future of the loan originator. He also discusses how NFM plans to implement technology in it's future plans. Man Versus Machine – The Infiltration of Technology in the Mortgage Industry

Is The Loan Officer Going Away Forever?

NFM Lending Chief Information Officer, Christos Bettios, fresh from the 2017 Mortgage Bankers Association conference, discusses the future of the loan originator. Will the loan originator be completely removed from the mortgage process, replaced by technology? Bettios gives his insight from the conference as well as his insights on security and technology in the loan origination process.

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